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Anna's EsSCENTials Handmade soap

Annas EsSCENTials Handmade Soap

Anna’s EsSCENTials Bodycare creates fine herbal olive oil handmade soap and body products. Made the slow, old-fashioned cold-process way at our Kentucky soap studio, they are all-natural and vegan, with no animal testing of our ingredients. We use only the purest vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, hemp, almond, coconut, wheat germ and hazelnut for example). We add essential oils, herbs, and skin-care additives such as almond butter, shea butter, mango butter and oatmeal. Goat’s milk and honey are our only non-vegan ingredients.

Handmade soap, especially an olive oil soap, is an amazing treat for your skin. Olive oil is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts moisture without clogging up pores. If you’ve never tried an olive oil soap, we urge you to look through our list of handmade soaps on the products page. They are all designed to treat your face and body with gentle, moisturizing care.

Our handcrafted soaps contain naturally-occurring glycerin (usually extracted and removed by commercial soap manufacturers) for a wonderfully luxurious, silky feel.

Appreciated gifts too!

A natural soap can be a work of art! Anna’s handmade soaps are created in very small batches and designed to make a stunning display or a wonderful gift. Each bar is hand-cut, a generous 3.5-4 oz. size, and individually trimmed. We often add special skincare ingredients and rare moisturizing oils for that special zest and unique appeal.

Each bar of handmade soap has its own special character, but all are mild and great for sensitive skin. We use a slow, cold-process method to saponify oils, resulting in a moisturizing soap with a wonderful, creamy lather. We have an entire line of handmade olive oil soaps especially for men.

Handmade Soap

Anna's EsSCENTials Handmade Soap

Anna’s line of handmade soaps and natural body care products is constantly expanding as we develop new recipes. Bookmark this page and come back often. If you¹re looking for a special fragrance or type of handmade soap, contact us to check on our latest creations.

On the internet or in quality shops

We place our Kentucky handcrafted soaps in quality health food and gift shops. We also distribute them at craft fairs and farmer’s markets as well as shipping across the country for internet orders. We can fill small- to medium-sized handmade soap orders immediately. For large soap or body product orders, please allow a four- to six-week lead time.

Anna’s natural body care products

We take the same care with our handmade body products as we do with our soaps. And there is good reason to prefer handmade body care products over their commercial relatives. Besides the fresh ingredients and special care, you are eliminating a long list of potent and potentially toxic chemicals from your body care routines.

Currently, we offer face and body creams, a fantastic lip balm, a lovely skin-softening lotion, a foot massage/healing cream and more. Add these natural skin care products to your soap order and create an instant, treasured handcrafted gift set.


As featured on a television show on the Do It Yourself (DIY) network and on the front page of the Owen County News Herald!


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